Bluapple® Combo Pack 1 Year (Eco-Friendly)

Bluapple® Combo Pack 1 Year (Eco-Friendly)

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Ready to start saving money and reducing produce waste by using Bluapple®? Why not reduce waste even more with our new Eco-Friendly One-Year Combo Pack? The Eco-Friendly Bluapple® Combo Pack is shipped directly to you, without any of the packaging that Bluapple® One-Year Combo Pack is normally sold in, in stores; Your Combo Pack will arrive with two Bluapples®, a handy informative foldout on keeping produce fresh and eight ethylene absorbent packets inside a Bluapple® tin. When your Eco-Friendly Bluapple® Combo Pack arrives, take out 2 of the packets from the tin and replace the lid. As long as the remaining Bluapple® packets are kept in an air-tight container, such as the tin, they will last indefinitely.

To start using your Bluapple®, all you need to is place one packet inside each one and place it with your produce. To open each Bluapple®, place Bluapple® on a hard surface against the seam, gently press and it will pop open. Place a packet inside each one and snap shut. It's that easy! Save the Free Tin to reuse for tea-bags, spices, or any other use that requires an airtight environment.

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