What Our Customers Are Saying...

"I've been impressed with Bluapple since I bought it in November, 2013. Yesterday I was standing in line at Bed Bath & Beyond.There was a display of Bluapple next to me. I turned to the lady behind me whom I'd never met & asked if she knew about Bluapple.I told her what it does, that I liked it & it works great. She said "you sold me" and bought one." – Carolyn from Raleigh, NC

"Your product is really, in my opinion, one of the best inventions of the last bunch of years - along with Sharpie markers, Ziploc bags, Post-It Notes, and Velcro... They really work! Veggies hang out in the fridge for an incredibly long time." – Carol N

"I put 2 bananas on one counter away from the Bluapple and 2 bananas in the fruit bowl with the Bluapple. Five days later, there was only one banana left on each counter instead of two; I couldn't keep Emily, who is always eating fruit, from eating the second bananas! But that one banana left was enough to show that the Bluapple had worked. The fruitbowl banana with the Bluapple was slightly aging, but nothing compared to the banana without the Bluapple on my other counter which was very brown/bruised and overripe. The fruit flies that somehow found their way into the kitchen this past week with the warmer weather were very pleased with the overripe banana, but they completely left the Bluapple banana alone!" – Source

"We were going on vacation for over a month and left our produce (sweet potatoes, onions, citrus, ginger, carrots etc.) in the crisper drawers with the Bluapples and it was all still good when we returned home!! We are big fruit and vegetable eaters and haven't had any produce go bad since we started using the Bluapple 7 months ago."

"So what's a Bluapple? Three months ago, Belinda left a note via Facebook that she used a 'Blue Apple' in the refrigerator with her produce and it worked great to keep food from going bad. Curious, I bought one and began using it. As with everything, there are pros and cons... but the bottom line is that it's a keeper. Overall, I've been quite impressed at how long my produce has lasted, but you still have to start with food that's in good condition, with no bruises or soft spots." Source

The Reviews Are In

I can't recommend them enough!

by Savannah Cooper-Hughes
Let's face facts. I'm not super organized when it comes to food. I'm just not. I often buy double of things that are already in my pantry, and, sadly, I also let food (especially fruit and vegetables) spoil in the fridge. They sit, alone and cold in the crisper, waiting to be eaten, and that day just never comes! Cleaning out the fridge is gross because there is always something slimy and shameful in the drawer. YUCK! I hope some of you can relate with this, because otherwise I'll feel much worse about myself... [Read more]

I heard about the Bluapple, and everything changed…

by Victoria Cerveny
It's pretty common knowledge that a diet full of fresh fruits and veggies will keep your body healthy, strong and at a reduced risk of many common ailments. But the problem with fresh produce is that it doesn't stay fresh for long. It can be hard to purchase enough produce for a week without losing some of it to spoilage before the next shopping trip. Rinsing with vinegar is a lot of extra work, and does not seem to prevent spoilage. A product called the "Bluapple" promises to prolong your produce freshness, but does it really work? [Read more]

Prolong the Freshness of Produce

by Sarah Rainwater
In October my husband and I started juicing. I haven't stuck with it very well but Todd does great. He juices every morning and sometimes for dinner also. I'm so proud of him and can definitely tell that he's full of energy and health. With juicing comes the chore of buying produce, a lot of it! In addition to the frequent trips to the grocery store or produce stand, its also pretty expensive. Because of the effort and cost factor I hate to see any of the fruits and vegetables go to waste... [Read more]