Produce Storage Tips

Produceology: Produce Storage Tips

There are three pillars to produce freshness: Temperature control, humidity control, and ethylene gas control. Your refrigerator controls the temperature, VeggieZips helps to control the humidity when needed, and Bluapple will absorb ethylene gas. By using Bluapple products, produce life can be maximized and extended.

The Bluapple® family of products are designed to extend the life of produce. We have compiled a comprehensive list of common produce with helpful storage tips. We want to provide you with real world advice that you can actually use. Find specific produce tips below, or if you can’t find what you are looking for, email us here and one of our produce experts will get back to you.

Key Storage Tips

  1. Buy before it's ripe
    Bluapple® slows down ripening, but it doesn’t stop it.

  2. Keep produce in cooler temperatures
    There are some exceptions. Please refer to individual storage tips

  3. Keep fruits and vegetables separated
    When it comes to ethylene gas, fruits are generally high emitters while vegetables are more sensitive.

  4. Don’t wash produce until ready to eat
    Washing and then storing can result in mold or other bacteria growth.

  5. Don’t overcrowd
    Produce needs airflow. Don’t overcrowd the crisper drawers.

  6. Use Bluapple® with all produce
    Bluapple® absorbs ethylene gas from produce, whether from produce in the refrigerator crispers drawer, refrigerator shelves, or on the countertop.

  7. Use VeggieZips® Produce Bags with HydroLiners® with some produce
    VeggieZips® with HydroLiners® can add or absorb moisture as needed for specific produce types.

  8. Use FreshMats™ with whatever produce you’d like
    FreshMats™ can be used in crisper drawers or on refrigerator shelves to provide a layer of protection and allow air to flow around produce. They provide a soft foundation to help reduce bruising.