How does Bluapple® work?

The ethylene gas molecule is very reactive and is readily oxidized into a state harmless to fruits and vegetables. A simple and safe method of neutralizing ethylene is to “oxidize” it with sodium permanganate. Oxidation refers to a method of changing a molecule to something else. Sodium permanganate (NaMnO4) is a safe, inert compound used in a number of familiar applications such as in drinking water treatment systems, and when combined with ethylene gas it reacts and changes into a harmless manganese oxide (a sort of “rust”) and carbon dioxide.

Carrier Medium

Sodium permanganate is a safe and effective oxidizer, but we still need a way to deliver it to where ethylene gas exists. We need a carrier medium that will allow the ethylene gas to contact the oxidizer so it may be reacted away. Industry does this in several ways, of course, but Bluapple® uses natural clinoptilolite, commonly known as zeolite. Zeolite is actually ancient volcanic ash that has been turned to rock over eons. Although there are numerous forms of zeolite, Bluapple® uses a form which is highly porous and possesses a very high total surface area.

zeolite diagram

When the sodium permanganate is applied to this pure zeolite using a special proprietary process, the result is a highly effective ethylene gas absorber that also has an extremely long life. Bluapple® has the highest percentage of available reactant and the longest life per gram of any other ethylene absorption product.

The NaMnO4 impregnated zeolite granules are then packaged in special membrane packets that are water resistant, but are highly permeable to ethylene gas, and these packets are then encased in our patented plastic Bluapple® shells in order to maximize airflow into and around the packets.

Each Bluapple® is designed to last three months assuming a typical household volume of produce use. We recommend that two Bluapples be used at the same time for a typical household in order to maximize the absorption effectiveness, though for smaller households one may provide ample protection. Full Year Refill Kits for your two Bluapples are available from your local store.

DON’T BE FOOLED BY IMITATORS! Our independent testing has shown that though many competitive products initially absorb ethylene gas effectively, within weeks their ability to continually absorb ethylene gas is significantly reduced! Only Bluapple® is able to continually protect produce over time.

When it is time to replace the packet, don't throw the spent zeolite granules away! We recommend that you put the spent zeolite granules in your houseplants or in your garden. The zeolite granules are a natural soil and the residual MnO2 provides trace minerals to the soil. Your plants will love it.