Punch-Packing Produce

Punch-Packing Produce

To those who so recently decided to dust off their training sneakers, renew their memberships at their gyms, and set some substantial goals for themselves to achieve the classic summer body worthy of any beach, the quarantine has probably knocked all of the wind out of your fitness sails. Suddenly, and without warning, your plans to set early morning alarms that would have had you stumbling groggily to the gym for your carefully planned mixed cardio sessions and weight training have been derailed. You’ve been benched—even though you probably haven’t played for any coaches since high school.

During this unprecedented moment in history, with nearly every state in the Union administering “shelter in place” directives, you know how important it is to play your part and socially distance yourself from others and only go out for the necessities, like fresh groceries. In any case, the powers that be have rightfully made a crowded gym inaccessible to your daily routine: however, your personal health and fitness goals are absolutely still essential to you, and there’s no need to totally derail them now that you're riding the “gain-train” solo. While you hunker down to shelter in place, let the folks at Bluapple get you right back on track—so that you’ll be well on your way to your destination by the time you can safely hit the gym again.

All Aboard: Next Stop, Freshness!

You can embark on a fresh start towards a healthier, happier you even while maintaining a healthy social distance. Make the most of every essential grocery store run by ensuring that your fresh produce stays fresher for longer with Bluapple® products. While your mobility and activities are limited during the “shelter in place” directives, it’s more important than ever to eat healthy, nutrient-rich, low-calorie foods to meet your personal fitness goals. Keeping your fruits and veggies fresh has never been so essential, and Bluapple products will keep your produce tasting as though it’s just been harvested. Unlike other products on the market that only utilize the mineral zeolite to absorb the plant-ripening gas ethylene, Bluapple® products incorporate zeolite as a “carrier” of the ingredient of Sodium Permanganate—which absorbs the ethylene produced by your hard-won fruits and vegetables. Firmly planting some plant-based products into your diet is the first step towards a healthier you, and with Bluapple, rest assured that the fruits and veggies you purchase will stay fresh until the moment you consume them. Read on for some culinary tips for your fresher-for-longer produce.

Produce that Packs a Punch

After your alarm has gone off—and after some hearty self-coaxing—you lace up your shoes for the morning training session held in your living room. You should be excited, but unfortunately, you feel underpowered, sluggish, and hungry. The isolation is getting to you, and you feel you won’t have the energy to make it through your workout. It’s completely normal to experience intense bouts of fatigue during a prolonged crisis, so fend it off by cracking open the fridge—and cracking open some eggs—as you gather the ingredients to a perfect veggie omelet or scramble. Power through your morning with produce, and fill your omelet with ingredients that include: 

  • Bell peppers
  • Cilantro
  • Red onions
  • Cherry tomatoes
  • Mushrooms
  • Green onions

… and so much more. Though you might not be able to attend a more typical morning’s group exercise classes right now, you can at least give your temporary routine the jumpstart it needs to jolt you awake.

Post Workout Produce Shakes

After you complete an intense bodyweight routine from the comfort of your living room, it’ll be time to clean up and head to work—which, for now, means just walking over to your home office. However, you worked out hard, and you still need to refuel, no matter how short the “commute” to your remote hub. What’s the best way to refuel?

A quick, refreshing, and healthy fix for your post-workout hunger pains is the blended fruit and veggie smoothie. Just reach into your vegetable drawer for some tasty, nutrient-packed, and completely fresh ingredients, perfectly ripened. Fresh leafy greens should make up the bulk of your smoothie, but after those are all in, you’ll have room to get creative: and in fact, we here at Bluapple® invite you to be as artistic as possible with your smoothies. 

Get creative with some ingredients that include:

  • Spinach, kale, and other dark leafy greens
  • Peanut or almond butter for protein
  • Ground flaxseed or sunflower seeds
  • Raspberries, blueberries, strawberries (all the berries!)
  • Greek yogurt, or  dairy alternative
  • Quinoa, or whole oats

When it comes to your pre and post-workout produce-powered meals, you honestly can’t go wrong with any fresh produce as the main ingredients—and with Bluapple, you can be sure that whatever fresh produce you purchase will only lay waste to your old waistline, and never your wallet.

Fresh Produce is a Pack Away

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