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It's Alive! Tips and Tricks to Make Fruit Last Longer

We’ve all been there. We’ve gotten up early to get the freshest fruits and vegetables from the weekend market or comb the local grocery store for the perfect produce only to have them wilted and overripe by the week’s end. Nothing’s worse than limp goodies in the crisper drawer, or overripe avocados on the kitchen counter. But how can you keep produce fresher for longer? We’ve got some tips and tricks to help out!

1. Know Your Produce

Knowing how your produce reacts after it’s off the branch or out of the grown can really help you prolong its life. Much of the produce you might be getting for weekly meals likely produces ethylene gas as it begins to ripen. This means that your precious veggies and fruits that don’t create this gas can actually be sensitive to them. Simply put, remember to know your produce and keep those ethylene-producing foods away from the ethylene-sensitive foods. For instance, keep your avocados away from your apples and your bananas away from your broccoli. Want to ensure a longer life for your produce? Use the Classic Bluapple in your fridge to absorb those gasses.

2. Store Your Vegetables in Separate Bags

Does your fridge have a crisper for veggies that just doesn’t seem to work? You’re not alone. In fact, it’s rare that a crisper will actually keep produce crisp till the moment you’re prepared to eat them. Don’t dismiss the crisper, however! It’s likely the fault of the veggie itself and how long it was waiting on its display before you took it home. Although it’s true that all fruits and veggies will start to decompose at a certain rate after they’ve been harvested, there are certain veggies that tend to lose their crispness at a far quicker rate. Is there a way to keep this from happening? No. But you can slow it done. Use a reusable bag to keep all your veggies separate from one another and put them in the correct fridge crisper at the quickest possible moment. If normal baggies just aren’t cutting it, we recommend our VeggieZips™ Premium Produce Bags.

3. Ready to Cut Your Produce?

If you enjoy cutting your fruits and veggies ahead of time (perfect for a quick and healthy snack) make sure you prepare them correctly. Wash and dry your produce properly before you cut them up, and immediately store them in glass containers lined with a quality paper towel. Why glass? A clear container will make it easier to remember that the produce is there and ready to eat, but more importantly, the glass container along with the paper towel will keep unwanted moisture out.

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