Fresh Year Fresher You

Fresh Year Fresher You

Wait, What?!

Are you telling me that the first full month of 2020 has just sailed by? That the very first month of the very first year that I had planned on making my year—is gone?

That the inaugural month of the year that I’d planned on using to start getting my act together—the year that I was going to start working out, eating better, and prioritizing my self-care—is just…  gone? Evaporated? Dissolved into the ether?

I mean, wasn’t I supposed to start truly seeing myself in 2020? Because… you know, because the year is even called 2020? I mean honestly, come on, the self-improvement narrative practically writes itself. 

How did it fly by so quickly? 

So here’s the thing: maybe you’d planned on starting up a consistent routine and have struggled in the days since to gain some traction. Don’t despair! The following are some tips for making sure you reorient yourself—especially by prioritizing your healthy eating, which starts with plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables—for the rest of the year.

Catching Up

The first thing you’ve got to do is walk over to your fridge, and rid yourself of any processed junk food that you find in there. Sure, it’s easy to leave the easy foods nestled comfortably on those shelves—the junk food that you can microwave; the stuff that just tastes so good, because it’s laden with the excess sugar and salt that’s designed to keep you addicted to those artificial flavorings—but it’s time to get rid of the old, and to fill up your fridge with the new. Stock up on the freshest of fruits and vegetables. If you're worried about purchasing some produce and having it go too foul too fast, never fear: you can click here for some package deals from Bluapple to help keep your produce fresh and delicious until you eat it up.

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Moving Forward

Just like watching some fresh fruit or veggies go bad because you bought more than you could eat (or because you haven’t yet purchased a Bluapple), you can watch your goal go foul if you’ve made some that are too unrealistic and lofty. Sure, it’s important to reach for the skies, and reassure yourself that anything is possible—but one of the best ways to stay motivated over the long haul is to set realistic goals, smash them, and celebrate those small victories. Don’t promise yourself you’ll be running a marathon in a month, but do tell yourself you’ll run or mile or two every day until you enter that 5k. After you step over those milestones and smash your goals, make bigger and better ones that you know that you can—and will—achieve. 

Get Support

It’s surprising that—with all of those fellow hopefuls out there trying to make this the best year yet—you haven’t yet found a buddy to rely on to hold yourself accountable. It’s not too late, though: look around for someone else who’s been feeling the pressure from this surprisingly quick first-month turnaround, and make some plans together. Maybe you’ve noticed that your friend at work has been packing all of their own lunches lately because they’re trying to make some healthy changes in their life. Reach out! You don’t have to go this alone, and neither do they. Not only would you be lifting someone else up, but they’d also lift you up right back. Sharing your goals—even if they’re as simple as keeping your own little Bluapple produce drawer at work so that you’ve got some healthy snacks at break time—will solidify them for you, and make them so much easier to reach. 

So, kick yourself into gear this February, and make 2020 more than just your year, but a year of health for you and your friends. Spread the Bluapple word, and get fresh produce in your fridge—and keep it that way!

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