Commit to Reducing Food Waste This Earth Day

Commit to Reducing Food Waste This Earth Day

We’ve all done it – buy fresh food in bulk (Costco members, amirite?) to try and get the best bang for your buck (or shopping while you’re hungry with eyes bigger than your stomach) but then end up overestimating what you’re going to eat and throwing away ½ to ¾ of it. It’s all done with good intentions but most of our plans for 100% clean eating never quite pan out. And, MAN, does it suck to throw out all those expensive fruits and vegetables. It’s bad for your budget, discouraging for your eating habits, and just plain wasteful, which for most of us, is the worst part.

Produce costs are rising due to climate change reducing the crop yields every year because of drought and flooding, the cost of farming supplies like fertilizer and equipment are increasing, and inflation is making everything less and less affordable. How can we combat this? What can we do to reduce our spending while also taking care of the planet?

First, it’s important to understand how produce goes bad. As produce (and all plant life) ripens, it releases ethylene gas. Ethylene is nature’s ripening mechanism used to signal that all fruit on the plant needs to be as appealing as possible to wildlife in hopes that it will be eaten and the seeds will be dropped and spread by the animals. This is all fine and dandy out in the wild, when it comes to the food in our homes, we don’t need every fruit and vegetable to be ripe at the same time, and we don’t usually WANT that to be the case.

If you can remove that ethylene gas from the air, the ripening process slows down. Unfortunately, you can’t stop it entirely or reverse it, and once things reach their peak, there’s no going back from there, but getting a few extra days out of your expensive produce can make all the difference. Bluapple Produce Saver does exactly that, absorbs ethylene gas from the air to give you more time to consume your fruits and vegetables.

It’s time to take matters into your own hands! There are so many facets of reducing waste and making Earth-friendly changes, so start with an easy one! Chuck a Bluapple in your refrigerator and don’t think about it for 3 whole months before you have to change the packet. After about 3 months, open the Bluapple by placing it on its side on a sturdy surface and pressing down firmly. It should pop open and you can remove the old packet, put in a new one, and snap it shut. Cut the old packet open and dump the pellets directly into the soil of a house plant or garden as fertilizer! Minimal effort, huge pay off.

Here at The Bluapple Company, we have taken technology that has been used in commercial shipping for decades and turned it into something everyone can use at home. We want you to enjoy your fresh produce for as long as possible, keep it in the best condition, most delicious condition, preserve budgets that inflation is chipping away at, and reduce the food waste we have become so accustomed to.

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