Choosing Your Winter Produce

Choosing Your Winter Produce

Winter seems like a great time to stay home and eat sweets and goods. However, it is also the season of some great fruit and vegetable options. Keeping up with your fruits and vegetables in the winter can help keep your immune system up and healthy during the cold months and avoid some of the terrible sicknesses that go around this time of year. 

Incorporate vegetables into your favorite soups

Winter is a great time to make some of your family’s favorite soups. Soups are a great option for cold days, sick stomachs and a great way to get some extra vegetables in. Throwing vegetables into your favorite soups can add a new flavor and texture. 

Solutions for picky eaters

With various viruses’ going around in the winter it is more important than ever to include healthy foods in your picky eater’s diets. By adding some vegetables in smoothies, kinds of pasta and other foods, there is a good chance your picky eaters won’t even notice they are getting full servings of these healthy foods. Having healthy snack options is also a great way to teach family members to reach for healthy snacks instead of sugary treats. The holidays bring candies, sweets, and other sugary foods that by having fresh produce available to your family you will be able to help keep some healthy foods in their systems. 

Finding and keeping your fresh produce

When you’re out grocery shopping be sure to check the produce section. When looking for produce make sure you know what to look for in produce that is over or under-ripe. Be sure to keep an eye out for bagged or packaged products to ensure that all items are still fresh and aren’t at risk for bad produce. When you bring your produce home make sure your Blu Apple packet is placed and fresh. A Blu Apple will absorb the gasses in fridges that expedite the process of ripening produce.

Winter tends to be a time of sweet treats and candies and compromised immune systems. By continuing to eat fresh fruits and vegetables will help keep you and your family healthy. There are so many options for fresh and great tasting produce in the winter for you and your family to experiment with to put in your recipes. Often times you will be able to hide some vegetables in meals for the picky eaters in your family.

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