Produce Information / Storage Tips

Use a Bluapple® to absorb ethylene gas to extend the life of produce.

Tomato - Mature-green

Indications of Quality

Well formed for type (round, globe, flattened globe, roma), uniform color; smooth and small blossom-end scar and stem-end scar; absence of growth cracks, catfacing, zippering, sunscald, insect injury, and mechanical injury or bruises; yields to firm hand pressure; not soft and easily deformed due to an overripe condition.

Ideal Storage Conditions

Location: Room Temperature
Temperature: 50 to 55 F (10 to 13 C)
Relative Humidity: 90 to 95%
Approximate Storage Life: 2-5 weeks*

Ethylene Production: Very Low
Ethylene Sensitivity: High

Storage Tips

Do not wash before storing. Place in a VeggieZips™ produce bag if desired. A HydroLiner™ is not necessary.

* Approximate storage life is an estimate of in-home storage length. Your results may vary significantly depending on how long produce is in transit or in stock at the market.