Worried About Fresh Produce During Quarantine?

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Worried About Fresh Produce During Quarantine?

Did you know that the average family throws away as much as $600 worth of produce a year?

With social distancing and quarantine being the new normal for many families, trips to the local grocer for fresh fruits and vegetables are limited, to say the least.

Fewer trips shouldn’t mean less fresh food on your plates! Use the Classic Bluapple®, and get the most out of that precious produce.


Experts in Keeping Produce Fresh™

Our commitment is to you! We understand the science behind long-lasting produce, and we’re offering that science to your family.

"I've been impressed with Bluapple since I bought it in November, 2013. Yesterday I was standing in line at Bed Bath & Beyond.There was a dis-play of Bluapple next to me. I turned to the lady behind me whom I'd never met & asked if she knew about Bluapple.I told her what it does, that I liked it & it works great. She said "you sold me" and bought one."
– Carolyn from Raleigh, NC

"We were going on vacation for over a month and left our produce (sweet potatoes, onions, citrus, ginger, car-rots etc.) in the crisper drawers with the Bluapples and it was all still good when we returned home!! We are big fruit and vegetable eaters and hav-en't had any produce go bad since we started using the Bluapple 7 months ago."

"So what's a Bluapple? Three months ago, Belinda left a note via Facebook that she used a 'Blue Apple' in the refrigerator with her produce and it worked great to keep food from going bad. Curious, I bought one and began using it. As with everything, there are pros and cons... but the bottom line is that it's a keeper. Overall, I've been quite impressed at how long my produce has lasted, but you still have to start with food that's in good condition, with no bruises or soft spots."


Our little Bluapple® packs a big punch.

Show that pricey produce some love with the Classic Bluapple® product. We’re a one-of-a-kind company, using our love of science to help you reduce your food waste and save you money by keeping your produce fresher for longer.

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