Produce Information / Storage Tips

Use a Bluapple® to absorb ethylene gas to extend the life of produce.

Beans - Snap; Wax; Green

Indications of Quality

Beans should be well formed and straight, bright in color with a fresh appearance, and tender but firm. Snap beans should snap easily when bent. Leaves, stems, broken beans, remaining blossoms, insect damage should not be present. Decreased quality during postharvest handling is most often associated with water loss, chilling injury, and decay.

Ideal Storage Conditions

Location: Refrigerate
Temperature: 40 to 45 F (4 to 7 C)
Relative Humidity: 95%
Approximate Storage Life: 7-10 days*

Ethylene Production: Low
Ethylene Sensitivity: Moderate

Storage Tips

Gently wrap a damp HydroLiner™ around the produce. Place in a VeggieZips™ storage produce bag, and close. Re-dampen as necessary.

* Approximate storage life is an estimate of in-home storage length. Your results may vary significantly depending on how long produce is in transit or in stock at the market.