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Frequently Asked Questions

Tell me about the ethylene gas problem?

How Does Bluapple® work?

What is the specific chemistry of the reaction?

What about the so-called "green" plastic bags for produce?

How do I open the Bluapple® to replace the packet?

Do I need to open the packets?

How can I know if the Bluapple® has been used up?

Will the Bluapple® work in a fruit bowl?

What about bananas and avocados?

What are the 3 elements of successful produce storage?

Why buy Bluapple®? Isn't the little Packet the only necessary element?

How Does Bluapple® Compare?

Is there a list of retailers available?

I accidentally did my laundry with a bluapple in the machine and it has stained the clothes. Any ideas on how to get stains out?

What are VeggieZips™?

Is humidity important for produce?

How do VeggieZips™ with HydroLiners™ keep my produce fresher longer?

Can I reuse VeggieZips™ with HydroLiners™

How do I know if I should use VeggieZips™ with HydroLiners™ with my particular type of produce?

What is the difference between the classic Bluapple and the Bluapple with Activated Carbon?