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Review of The Freshy

The Freshy

What are they?

The Freshy is a plastic egg shaped item that claims to keep produce, eggs, milk and cheese fresh inside the refrigerator.

What do you get?

A plastic looking egg that appears to have water inside. There is no claim that it is recyclable.

What is the price?

The online price is $19.99. The claims are that it will last one year.

What are the beneficial claims?

Taken from their website:

"FRESHY is an "egg shaped" clear polycarbonate plastic egg...treated liquid enclosed within the device. The liquid is comprised of spring water with a proprietary combination of minerals and a unique blend of natural elements. The contents are all natural, non toxic and environmentally safe. FRESHY systematically controls its environment, reduces oxidation and retains moisture in food. Oxidation and moisture loss are the two leading factors that foster mold, bacteria, nasty odors and rapid food spoilage in both refrigerators and pantries."

How do they work?

The product claims to work through "a proprietary combination of minerals and a unique blend of natural elements." No reference is made to any scientific principle that would be responsible for the claimed benefits. The expert scientist quotes on their website are opinions and what they saw, though no data or proof is shown to back up what they say, nor how the product actually works.

When we called, they said...

There was not a number listed to call, and so we emailed them. We asked if they could tell us exactly how their product worked, and if there were links to the studies done by the scientists who were referenced on their website. We have yet to receive an email.

Independent reviews or scientific study

The only review we could find was done by ABC WFTS news.

Chef Tanner was not impressed with the overall results.

"So this is a little disappointing?" Ryan asked.

"A little disappointing," Tanner responded.

Our take

There are no scientific studies or data to support the claimed benefits. Without any scientific data to back up the claim, we would suggest regarding this product skeptically.