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Review of Keep Rite Produce Bags

Keep Rite Produce Bags

What are they?

Keep Rite Produce Bags are plastic bags that are alleged to keep produce fresher for longer.

What do you get?

Depending on how you order, you can get 15 bags in an order, or a variety of 30 bags in an order. They are approximately 15" x 11 1/2" in size. They zip shut. The instructions are on each bag. They can be reused up to 10 times. There is no claim that they are recyclable.

What is the price?

Depending on how you order, you can either order all the same type of bag for a specific kind of produce, or a variety pack that includes 30 bags of a variety. When ordering 15, they are approximately $.50 a piece. When ordering the variety pack, they are about $.66 a piece. They can be reused up to 10 times.

What are the beneficial claims?

Taken from their website:

"Reducing the level of ethylene inside a bag as claimed by the makers of the "GREEN BAG", will only slightly help to extend the life of a very limited variety of fruits and vegetables. Controlling respiration, which the KeepRite® bag does, is THE major factor in significantly, extending the life of all produce."

How do they work?

The product description claims that the bags provide the claimed through respiration. No reference is made to any mechanical, chemical or other process that would be responsible for the benefits other than holes in the bag. No reference is made to any scientific principle that would be responsible for the benefits. No reference is made to any scientific independent study or other scientific analysis justifying the claims.

When we called, they said...

"I don't know how they work, they just do. But they do allow the produce to breathe. If you look close, there are very small holes to let the produce breathe.” We requested additional information to be emailed, but have yet to receive that email.

Independent reviews or scientific study

None that we can find.

Our take

There are no scientific studies or data to support the claim that respiration is the major factor in extending the life of produce. Buying these bags seem to be no different than buying zip-lock bags and poking holes in them except that the zip-lock bags would cost less money.