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Review of Fresh ‘n Crisp

Fresh ‘n Crisp

What are they?

Fresh'n Crisp is a small plastic device that claims to extend the freshness of produce.

What do you get?

You get the enclosed disk that is about 3"x3"x2". There are instructions inside to put it in a refrigerator bin and, if it starts to smell bad, place in the sunlight for a few days.

What is the price?

They are $4.99 each. Discounts apply if more than one is purchased.

What are the beneficial claims?

Taken from their website:

"The Fresh‘n Crisp dramatically extends the storage life of fruits and veggies, saving you money and giving your family more time to enjoy the health benefits of fresh produce. Fresh’n Crisp extends produce life by absorbing and neutralizing the ethylene gas that fruits and vegetables naturally produce as they ripen, slowing the process."

There is no claim that it is recyclable. It is not reusable.    

How do they work?

The claim is that it absorbs and neutralizes ethylene gas. The process, or the science of how that happens, however, is not stated.

When we called, they said...

We left a voice message and they replied to an email:

“Thank you for your inquiry about Fresh'n Crisp. The product uses a large-pore molecular sieve to absorb ethylene gas and reduce its concentration in containers holding fruits or vegetables which emit ethylene.”

They sent along a report, which were photos of produce used with and without their product. The results were, based upon what they saw during the process, that the Fresh’n Crisp had a positive effect on the produce. THE ONLY SCIENTIFIC DATA THEY PROVIDED WAS WHAT THEY SAW WITH THEIR EYES. No other data is provided. We asked if they were able to measure the amount of ethylene absorbed. They replied that the device to measure ethylene was too costly for their budget.

Independent reviews or scientific study

TekQuest Lab reviewed the product. They took photos of produce with and without the Fresh’n Crisp. Based upon what they saw, they decided that they felt the product worked.

Our take

The product claims to absorb ethylene gas to prolong produce freshness through absorbing gas through an aluminosilicate material. No further information is given about what that material is.