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Review of BerryBreeze


What are they?

It is a plastic machine that creates ozone inside of the refrigerator.

What do you get?

A plastic machine, with two small papers explaining how to put batteries in and what the green blinking light will mean. It also includes a warning to not breath the oxygen through the top of BerryBreeze steel vents, and to not disassemble it, as it may shock you. The required FOUR D batteries are not included.

What is the price?

A 6? x 5" unit is $49.95. An additional cost is needed for batteries ($6.52 Energizer on The website states that the batteries will need to be replaced every 3-4 months. Potential cost is $19-$26 per year, after the initial $50 is spent.

What are the beneficial claims?

Taken from their website:

"BerryBreeze™ is the first device of its kind to be proven effective by independent laboratory tests. It’s a machine that’s inspired by sustainable food practices, and while we’re proud of our design, we’re even prouder of the science behind it.  The result is a fridge full of foods that stay fresh longer and retain the nutrients that help you and your family live healthier lives.”

How do they work?

BerryBreeze claims to create Ozone inside of the refrigerator. The claim is that this ozone cleans and purifies the air, neutralizing odor, bacteria, mold and ethylene gas. There are references to two scientists and their reports on Ozone from 1997, but nothing from a current scientific study on ozone inside a refrigerator and how it would affect the food. There is no reference to independent lab studies.

When we called, they said...

“An ozone is created which cleans the air.” We asked for links to the science behind it to be emailed to us, along with the scientific data claims about the ozone that they reference on their website. An email was received that same day, repeating what is already on their website. We inquired again for the scientific data, with a second reply that referenced what was already on their website.

Independent reviews or scientific study

There are none that we can find.

Our take

Without scientific data to show that BerryBreeze works, it seems to be an expensive machine that costs nearly $20 a year to run (after $50 purchase). Without any scientific data to back up and explain the claimed benefits, we suggest regarding it skeptically.